10 Best Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

Vegetarian Lasagna has to be among the most delicious vegetarian pasta meals there is! Not only are lasagnas easy to adapt into vegetarian versions, but you can make vegetarian lasagna in so many different ways and varieties that you will never tire of them.

In all honesty, I think there are more fun and creative ways to make a vegetarian lasagna than one that contains meat!

Here are some of the best vegetarian lasagna recipes from our recipe page …

Delicious Asparagus Lasagna

Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

Asparagus has a chewy texture that is perfect for a vegetarian lasagna, and yet it’s not at all a very common ingredient in most vegetarian lasagna recipes.

This vegetarian Asparagus lasagna recipe is perfect for spring, not only because that’s when asparagus are at their best, but because it’s comforting without being too heavy.

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/48196396433/delicious-asparagus-lasagna


Spicy Kale Lasagna

best vegetarian lasagna recipes

Unlike asparagus, Kale is available year-round, which means that this Spicy Kale Lasagna recipe can be made at any time of the year, and those who like spicy meals will love this vegetarian lasagna version!

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/46919617722/spicy-kale-lasagna


Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna With Mushrooms and Kale

vegetarian lasagna recipe

This slow-cooker vegetarian lasagna will make even the fussiest of children eat mushrooms and dark leafy greens.

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/48995362602/slow-cooker-vegetarian-lasagna-with-mushrooms


Vegetarian Lasagna With Ricotta Cheese

vegetarian lasagna recipes

Layered with creamy cheese, spinach and pasta, this Vegetarian Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese is divine – and you can easily freeze it to use for another day.

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/46161941864/vegetarian-lasagna-with-ricotta-cheese


Mexican Lasagna

vegetarian lasagna

This Mexican Lasagna puts a fun twist on Vegetarian Lasagna recipes by including black beans, corn kernels and cilantro into the recipe.

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49084487673/mexican-lasagna


Free-form Vegetarian Lasagna

best vegetarian lasagna recipes

This Free-form Vegetarian Lasagna has attitude. Like Bev, the cook, describes it; This lasagna is practically standing in a big open field with braids and flowers in its hair and a huge sign, “Whatever, I’m free-form. Wanna make something of it?”.

And yes, indeed we do!

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49158015600/free-form-vegetarian-lasagna


Vegetarian Lasagna With Goat Cheese

best vegetarian lasagna

When you have Goat cheese and summer squash as key ingredients, you can be guaranteed that this vegetarian lasagna will be a success in the kitchen!

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49003952129/vegetarian-lasagna-with-goat-cheese-recipe


Wild Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

vegetarian lasagna best

Martha Stewart’s recipe for Wild Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna is detailed and yet easy to make. It can easily be adapted with frozen spinach and spinach lasagna sheets if you prefer.

The recipe serves 12 people and is very filling, so unless you’re cooking for a group you’ll have plenty of leftovers for packed lunch boxes!

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/44856872707/wild-mushroom-and-spinach-lasagna


 Vegetarian Lasagna Rolls

best vegetarian lasagna recipe

This Vegetarian Lasagna Rolls recipe takes a different approach to the traditional Vegetarian Lasagna, and instead makes cute little rolls.

This version is different and looks lovely on a plate, making it a great dish to serve when having guests over.

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/49252694180/vegetarian-lasagna-rolls


Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach & Ricotta Cheese

vegetarian lasagna recipe

This Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese recipe comes with some great tips and secrets on how to make the perfect Vegetarian Lasagna, such as making sure you get all the liquid out of the veggies…

View recipe: recipes.veggiefocus.com/post/44049448419/vegetarian-lasagna-recipe-with-spinach-and-ricotta


We will update this recipe from time to time and add new awesome Vegetarian Lasagna recipes, so if you have a Vegetarian Lasagna recipe that you would like to share with us just link to it in the comment section below!

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