8 Best Vegetarian Cities in Europe for 2013

The vegan and vegetarian scene is finally kicking off in Europe: more and more restaurants are offering vegan/vegetarian option on their menus, and there are plenty of new vegan and vegetarian restaurants opening up all around Europe.

Over the last few years, we have traveled to over 35 countries just in Europe, and today have decided to rank our our top 8 European cities for vegans and vegetarians below – make sure you check them out!

vegetarian cities

1) Prague, Czech Republic

Although traditional Czech cuisine is far from vegetarian-friendly, Prague is a vegetarian and vegan hidden gem.

The vegetarian restaurants in Prague are among the best we’ve ever been to, and there is everything from the fancier styled restaurants to buffet style restaurants, Hare Krishna diners and restaurants where you pay by weight.

As Prague is cheap in general, you can easily afford all of it. Some favorites include Maitrea (really good vegetarian variations on traditional Czech food, Clear Head (beautiful and cozy place), Dhaba Beas (a huge buffet), and Balarama (massive plate of Harke Krishna food for only 4.5 USD).

As a vegetarian or vegan it would be impossible to go hungry in this city!

2) Berlin, Germany

German food is perhaps among the most meat-obsessed cuisines in the world, but Berlin is not like the rest of Germany, and the many international cuisines and alternative restaurants are proof of that.

Not only are there some awesome Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants to be found (such as Vego Foodworld with its wide range of vegan sausages, or Café Morgenrot which has become famous for its vegan brunch), but there are even vegan supermarkets where you can buy literally everything you need for your weekly grocery shopping.

Those who claim that Berlin is difficult to travel in as a vegan simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

3) Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is often a city overlooked by tourists traveling to Belgium, which is a shame because it’s the city that has it all; beautiful architecture, lively atmosphere and awesome food.

Ghent is trying hard to put their city on the map as being the foodie city of Belgium, and so far they have introduced a Vegetarian Thursday when all restaurants offer at least one vegetarian option on their menu of the day.

But you don’t have to be in Ghent on a Thursday to enjoy vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

There are many vegetarian restaurants (which are also vegan friendly), and the city has made it super-easy to find them by handing out free maps where all the vegan, vegetarian and veggie-friendly restaurants are marked on the map with open-hours and all!

4) London, UK

With its vast diversity of people from all corners of the world, the London food scene is one of the most interesting in the world.

Name any type of cuisine, and you can be guaranteed to find a restaurant specializing in it in London.

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is definitely no exception, and there is something for any budget in this big cosmopolitan city – you can even find places serving vegan high tea (at the Langham Hotel).

5) Stockholm, Sweden

There is a restaurant in Stockholm that might very well be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Europe, which immediately puts Stockholm on the map of European cities to visit as a vegan and vegetarian.

The place is called Hermans, and it’s famous for its delicious and huge buffets, which are served daily. The lunch buffet and dinner buffet are different, and each carry a theme which changes every day.

There are a lot of vegan options and many vegan cakes which you can buy if you’re not hungry enough for the buffet. The view from their outside terrace is enough reason alone to visit the restaurant!

But there are also other vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city, from Indian to middle eastern cuisine to good old Swedish “husmanskost”.

6) Florence, Italy

The great thing about northern Italy as a whole is that being a vegetarian and vegan isn’t very difficult no matter where you go.

They have so many pasta and pizza varieties that there will always be a vegetarian option and almost always a vegan one – and if not, they’re more than happy to adapt the meal slightly, as everything is almost always fresh and made from scratch.

But Florence also has some great vegetarian-only restaurants – we loved Il Vegetariano which offers a menu of daily options and a cozy atmosphere.

7) Athens, Greece

You don’t have to live on Greek Salads from dawn to dusk when traveling in Greece, there are actually plenty of traditional Greek meals that are naturally vegetarian and vegan.

But in Athens it’s even easier, as there are a bunch of really good vegetarian restaurants to choose from.

8) Vienna, Austria

Just like German cuisine, Austrian food isn’t very veggie-friendly, but most people who visit Vienna are more interested in the desserts anyway!

With over 42 vegetarian and vegan restaurants to choose from, you’re bound to find some vegan desserts so you too can taste some of Vienna’s famous pastries!

There are everything from raw food bars to buffet restaurants and vegetarian pubs, and unlike many non-veggie restaurants in Vienna, a large number of these places are smoking-free.

Do you agree, or disagree? Share your opinion, and which cities in Europe you think are best for vegetarians and vegans!

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