Best Vegan Protein Powder to Boost Your Health

Best Vegan Protein Powder to Boost Your Health

best vegan protein powderGetting enough protein in your diet is important for strengthening bones, building and retaining muscles as well as for an overall healthy life.

Whether you want to boost your protein intake further, or simply make sure that no matter what you eat you will get enough protein, a vegan protein powder is a quick, simple and healthy way to get a hefty dose of protein from a single serving.

There are a ton of great vegan protein powders on the market today, including gluten-free and soy-free protein powder alternatives.

Here are a few great options…

1. Mixed Protein Powder

Mixing different plant-based proteins to get the ultimate vegan protein powder mix might be the best of all choices, as you get a great variety of nutrients in one powder.

Usually the mixed protein powders are made from a combination of sprouts and beans, such as buckwheat, quinoa, lentils, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, bean sprouts and garbanzo beans.


2. Brown Rice Protein Powder

High in fiber, gluten-free and full of B vitamins, Brown rice protein has some great benefits and is good for metabolism and muscle growth.

For those who are sensitive to allergies this is the perfect product: labeled as hypoallergenic, it’s much less likely to irritate your system or cause an allergic reaction.

However, it isn’t a complete protein by itself so you will either need to buy another powder that contains enhanced amino acids or pair it with tofu, beans or quinoa to get a complete protein source.

3. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seeds are very rich in proteins and offers a complete amino acid profile, plus it’s easily digestible which means that it’s a great pre-gym supplement that won’t cause stomach issues during your workout.

While the fat and calorie content is on the high side in this vegan protein powder, it’s all healthy omega-3s and omega-6s.


4. Soy Protein Powder

A byproduct of the soya bean, Soy protein powder consists of fiber, isoflavones and all of the amino acids you need for muscle growth.

This vegan protein powder is also highly digestible and a great choice for those who are gluten allergic as it’s gluten-free.

The consistency of soy protein powder is smooth when added into food and shakes.

5. Pea Protein

Like brown rice protein, yellow pea protein isn’t a complete protein, so you will again need to either supplement with quinoa, tofu or beans to get all the essential amino acids you need to build more muscle.

Some neat bonuses about yellow pea powder is that it prevents hypertension, kidney disease and is a great product for those allergic to soy – just remember to take the powder in moderation.

Finally, here is a review by vegan bodybuilder Derek Tresize about one of our favorite vegan protein powders, Phood, a rather new product on the market:

Do you use vegan protein powder on a daily or weekly basis? We would love to hear your experience and thoughts about it!

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